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Happy mother - happy child

On February 3, 2017 an inspiring meeting for mothers with Marina Vladimirovna Kinakh was held. 30 mothers with small children gathered at the cozy Pache restaurant to talk heart to heart and learn the recipes for happiness from our guest.

The initiators of the meeting are MamaWOW project and Charitable Foundation "United World Cultures Foundation." We have combined our efforts and we've created a great project where we help mothers and their children, giving them tips and advice. After all, a happy, relaxed and confident mother creates the warmth and comfort in a family, gives everyone care and attention. The philosophy of this project: "Happy mother = happy child!". This point of view is fully supported by our friend, the wonderful Marina Vladimirovna Kinakh - an Honored Journalist of Ukraine, head of the press service of the ULIE, the founder of the national platform "Women for Peace", the expert of television projects and a mother of three daughters.

She shared stories from her personal life and experience. She told how to begin the path to a dream. We talked about what happiness is and why it is important to help people and to do charity. For many years Mrs. Kinakh has been organizing charity events for children herself, she also helps families with many children. There is no someone else's misfortune for her.

Marina Kinakh emphasized that the children are the greatest happiness in a woman's life. "A child should always be aware that mother's by his side. Under all circumstances, in all situations talk to your children, let them know that you love and support them", - says Marina Kinakh.

While the moms were talking, children were drawing, doing crafts and playing board games. Our young guests received gifts from the companies "Alenka" and "Malyatko". And Veselka TV has filmed a beautiful story of our warm and friendly meeting.