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Let’s Move Forward Together with Rodyna!

Date: May 2020

In our country, there is a yearly increase in the number of children who suffer from severe congenital and acquired diseases causing total disabilities. Families that raise children with disabilities should not face their problem alone in these times of the global COVID pandemic.

A huge role in the prevention and remedial activities for their benefit is played by Rodyna (“Family”) Social Rehabilitation Centre and project “Horniatko Dobroty” (“Kindness Jar”) for teenagers and youth (Rodyna Public Organization of People with Disabilities), and these are the organisations that have been UWCF partners for a number of years.

United World Cultures Foundation has launched the campaign “Let’s Unite against the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV (COVID-19) and Walk to the Health Land” under the program “Walking to the Health Land” to give free of charge assistance during the lockdown period to families that raise disabled kids.