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Cancer Hasn’t Kept to the Lockdown and Hasn’t Died of COVID

Date: May 2020

Our team members of the campaign “Battle for Life Goes On, Amazons!” (donation of free silicone breast prostheses from German producer Amoena to women) under the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land” have continued their cooperation with oncologists of the Regional Clinical Cancer Centre under the Kirovohrad Regional Council.



“We cooperate with doctors as they help select and hand over donated Amoena silicone breast prostheses and silicone breast pads, free of charge, to women who suffered from breast cancer and received a breast removal surgery. I know that many women feel depressed after the surgery. Some of them are even ashamed to apply for disability benefits or request a prosthesis. Here we would like to encourage all women to do regular checks, and if you are diagnosed with cancer – please do not fear and do not panic. At early stages, the disease can still be cured. Doctors often make breast-conserving surgeries. After them, life is as wonderful as before, and you need to enjoy it”, comments Liudmyla Lysenko, UWCF Program and Project Manager.