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Giving Is a Key to Happiness

Date: March 2020

Just before the spring holidays, our UWCF team members and detdom.info volunteers visited Nova Borova Children’s Residential Care Center that takes care of and accommodates girls with special needs.

In a few words, this was a heartful, sincere and friendly trip with cheerful laughter heard from different buildings and a happy feel all about it!

We sincerely thank everyone who has joined us to bring warmth and smiles on that day, and also to everyone who has helped this trip happen with money, donated things, sanitary goods. Our thanks go to the management and staff of Babystart® for the large batch of diapers.

The center’s social counselor Nadiia Holovko showed us around so that the first-time guests could get an idea of the facility’s social and living conditions: we had a look at the residential buildings and found out about the accommodation, dining, and leisure arrangements in place for local patients. We also were told about the problems that exist at the children’s center and require additional financial support to be handled. In particular, the facility needs to have its bath and laundry premises renovated so they could be further used for babies.

The day spent at the children’s care center was full of various workshops, activities, as well as surprises for both the local residents and the visitors. Thanks to teamwork and friendly atmosphere, every group of children found their knowledge box with treasures. These were sports and recreational activities, master classes for singing and dancing, and a workshop on handicrafts with the use of old things. However, the finest jewel of that day was the workshop “Planting of Seedlings” given by volunteer Kateryna Ovdiienko.

In summer, the children spend most part of the daytime outside, which is why the center’s management calls on everyone who can help to donate some flower seeds. This would be best timed now in their preparation for the Flowers Day so that the local mentors could try to explain some of the nature secrets to the center’s young residents. The children’s residential care center has a lot of flowerbeds on its site, so the planned tour to the kingdom of flowers will prove insightful for the girls. The kids will be able also to plant some flowers in the flowerbeds on their own – these may be petunias, asters, or other flowers that you will kindly donate.

Every group of children reported on their progress in workshops and master classes. First, in an attempt to stop the kids’ fuss and make them focus, we sang a few songs with volunteer Svitlana. We didn’t mean this musical interlude to last long as everyone was waiting for the best part – presents. The girls received gifts for handiwork from international charitable organization “Kryla” (“Wings”) Volunteer Association and the contest “Mini Miss Kyiver 2019”.

“Every time I go the residential care center, I manage to gain some new exprience and strengthen the one I already have. When I give a PE class in a playful way, it opens up for me a bit about every child. I couldn’t but notice that children do their best – use all their imagination and take all the efforts – to do the exercises properly and get our approval for that. While spending time with older girls, I realized that a special approach must be used for every girl. Every child needs communication, attention, and one particular thing that is common for all of them is that the children are open to us, they attend to what we have to tell them,” summarized volunteer Valentyna.

It was a wonderful trip – we had a close-knit team, warm and frindly atmosphere, and most importantly – happy and smiling eyes of the special girls!

Join in and together we will give lots of happy moments to these girls.