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Pugachiv Orphanage received an ultra-fine Dishwasher as a gift

Date: 06.11.2017

There are 86 children in Pugachiv Orphanage aged from 4 to 35, patients with oligophrenia in stages of imbecility, Down syndrome. This children need every day care.

The children's home itself consists of several buildings - a sleeping quadrant, a dining room, a day-time corps, a bath-washroom and a few more household buildings. In order to create comfortable living conditions for school students, the administration, with the help of the sponsors, constantly improves the material and technical base of the institution.

To facilitate the work of kitchen staff, the United World Cultures Foundation handed over to the dining room of the Pugachiv Orphanage an Ultrasonic Dishwasher with the function of drying (ultrasonic car wash) provided by the Arterium corporation.

"The Foundation is implementing a program called “Let’s Improve Children’s lives”, aims to improve the material and technical bases of specialized schools," says Lysenko Lyudmila, Program and Project Manager. "The best reward for us are smiles on faces of children, who received our help.".

"Without a sponsor's help, we could not do anything,", says Lesya Bronislavovna Petrenko, director of the Pugachiv Orphanage."State funding is enough only to pay for electricity and heat, nutrition for pupils and salary of staff. Therefore, any help is valuable to us. Maybe it will be immodest to ask, but we also need help in change the tables to more modern ones, to buy pots, pans, but this is really our urgent needs".

While, adults were discussing problems of the Pugachiv Orphanage and the ways solution, the girls went for the dinner to the dining room. Only the care of adults allows children to be carefree and joyful. The United World Cultures Foundation together with Corporation "Arterium" are making life of pupils more comfortable.

We sincerely thank Arterium Corporation and Interpamps Groupfor the help in implementing such a significant social program “Let’s Improve Children’s lives”. We also want to thank you for your human kindness, which is so necessary to all people. Our team wishes you unlimited happiness and good health!