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Life Goes On

Date: December 2019

Breast cancer with metastases to the lymph node is a terrible diagnosis. The treatment lasts almost a year: 8 courses of chemotherapy, 25 sessions of radiotherapy and a bunch of expensive drugs…

Breast cancer remains the major problem of our time. About million new cases are diagnosed in the world each year. Cancer doesn’t choose its victims – no matter poor or rich, famous or not – anyone can be diagnosed this terrible disease, regardless of age, race or physique.

On the eve of St. Nicolas Day, the campaign “The Battle for Life Goes On, Amazons!” (providing free Amoena breast silicone prostheses), as part of the UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land”, visited the cities of Zhytomyr and Kryvyi Rih in order to support the women during these hard times of illness and hand over free Amoena breast silicone prostheses. Let the adults believe in miracles and feel the atmosphere of the holidays that are approaching.

A woman is the core of the family, therefore, it is women who should be careful about their health, while men should help and support them in whatever way possible; and a visit to a doctor should not be postponed in case of suspicion of the disease.

Remember that healthy parents mean happy kids!