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We continue helping Pugachev psycho-neurological boarding house during wartime

Date: March-April 2022

It’s been more than a month since the beginning of full-scale Russo-Ukrainian War. Russian aggression in Ukraine resulted in death of 161 children, at least 264 children were injured (on 04.04.2022).

Ukraine has approximately 700 boarding schools with 100 thousand kids. Boarding schools orphans, children from disadvantaged families, families with adopted children are being evacuated to the western regions of Ukraine and other countries, although many of them haven’t left.

The team of the charitable foundation United World Cultures Foundation / UWCF with its systematic work strives to bring closer the day when every child lives in love and care. When looking at children from different corners of Ukraine, those who endured the horrors of war, those who lost their only home your heart stops and then beats on. We must do everything possible and impossible to support them.

The representatives of the Foundation knows the pulse of «The Pugachev psycho-neurological boarding house» in the village Berezneve of Korosten district in Zhytomyr Oblast ( for girls who suffer from oligophrenia on the stage of imbecility and from Down syndrome of IІІ-ІV degree of disability) by communicating with director Lesia Bronislavovna Petrenko. Our volunteers – students of podiatrist medical department № 3 of Bogomolets National Medical University, detdom.info volunteers constantly talk with children and entertain them by phone, the group of other volunteers speaks about the boarding house and enlists humanitarian aid.

Recently the girls from The Pugachev psycho-neurological boarding house have received hygiene items by mail from United World Cultures Foundation.

«Love» - is the main word and deed that we want to give to these children; it helps us develop new directions and make new steps. One cannot ignore constant shelling, destruction, death and unemployment. We don’t lose our faith in tomorrow, we continue doing everything that depends on us to bring closer Victory and embrace our children.


We are grateful to all of our benefactors involved in providing aid and to volunteers!

We remind you that we continue collection of funds for purchasing of essential medicines on demand of hospitals and individuals from the hot spots, and there’s a significant amount of them! You can donate money via LINK or directly send the things (text us in social networks or by email).