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Probiotic – friendly bacteria, which requires a children's body

Datr: April, 2019

In order for the children's immune system to be stronger, food is better digested and nutrients are actively assimilated, children need probiotics. The microflora of the child’s body is constantly in a state of struggle with pathogenic organisms.

Strengthening the child's body is one of the priorities of the “Walking To The Health Land” program.

There are a number of probiotic preparations that have proven to be positive and have generated particular confidence in the treatment of children. Many mothers speak positively about the effectiveness of the new product in the category of probiotics - Probilance from Arterium Corporation.

The UWC Foundation gave Probiotics for a total amount of about 109 000 UAH to the mothers of the Territorial Social Services Center of the Shevchenko District (the center has a group for providing social services for day care for children with disabilities, in which 50 children receive services between the ages of 3 and 18 years), to mothers from the Rodyna Social Rehabilitation center and for adolescents and young people with disabilities of the Goryatko Dobroty project of the Rodyna NGO, Zhytomyr City Children's Public Organization “We DO IT All by Ourselves”, “VSI” NGO, Charitable Foundation “Center for Socialization and Rehabilitation of Children with Autism and Other Disorders “Development” in Vinnitsa and for children in the front-line zone of Lugansk and Donetsk regions, in Severodonetsk regional children's tuberculosis sanatorium (deals with areas pediatrics, diagnostics, pulmonology and phthisiology), and for children, which are handled by the Public Organization "Center for Development and Rehabilitation "DAR", Kyiv.