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Trip to Nova Borova Children’s Residential Care Home

Date: 10/27/20188

Whatever the weather, the main thing is to have a good mood, and it does not matter if we arrived at the right time, or a little late, brought a mountain of toys or only one candy. We, volunteers of detdom.info and employees of the program “Walking to the Health Land” of the Unided World Cultures Foundation, always rush to meet girls from the Nova Borova Children’s Residential Care Home (Zhytomyr region). They hug, laugh, rush to share the news, and you begin to rejoice with them. October 27, 2018 gave a little warmth and love to the pupils. After all, every child wants to know that someone needs her, and every adult - to feel that someone needs her.

Immediately went to the smallest girls in department for lying (to visit the pupils from Pugachiv Psycho-neurological Children’s Residential Care Home, who were transferred here in 2017). Volunteer Oksana Zolotukhina crouches and greets Roksolanka, and as if the sun's rays start to play all over the room. In turn, volunteers always carried Roksolanka in their arms when they came to the Pugachiv psycho-neurological Children’s Residential Care Home. The deputy director of the Residential Care Home, Lyudmyla Ivanivna, tells us about Roxy’s achievements, we don’t believe...

Then we come to Lyudochka’s bed, a small light flashed in her eyes, she also recognized us, the staff tells us often about the new achievements of the girls.

The next room is also our girls from the Pugachiv Psycho-neurological Children’s Residential Care Home. We did not have time to say something, Olenka, Kuzya, Ilonka were already hugging us and babbling: “hello; Oh, hi; Hello". It’s not easy to stand on your feet, so they hug tightly everyone...

Olenka, who just beginning to speak, today chirps, so that words can’t be clear, but she is trying. One thing was definitely understood - “when we are going to Kyiv? I want a tasty potato in McDonald's”.

Despite the fact that the director of the orphanage, Volodymyr Mykolayovych, was on vacation, he left his household chores and came to greet us and tell us about local affairs. The volunteers and employees of the Foundation are grateful to him and to all the staff for the children, for their small victories. It is clear that behind the comfortable atmosphere that surrounds these children is the heroic daily work of the entire staff of the Residential Care Home.

The director introduced us to Anna Mykolayivna, teacher who teaches pupils the art of embroidery.

We saw the bedrooms, bright and clean. And older girls are waiting us in a nice lobby. Despite their peculiarities, they are cheerful children, very friendly and open. They not only learn, but also actively engage in creative work: they draw, dance, use phones.

Volunteers Svitlana and Iryna brought boxes with warm clothes, a lot of sweets. Many students from “KROK” University handed over large boxes with children's clothes. Having seen the children lined up to greet the guests, we realized that they would need most of the things.

Employees of the UWCF Foundation prepared sports entertainment for the pupils and taught the girls from the residential care home how to measure blood pressure correctly. The volunteers of detdom.info conducted thematic talks. But the brightest impression - were boxing lessons. The meeting ended with a treat of goodies in the common room, also discussing future trip to the St. Nicholas residence in Ancient Kyiv (Kievan Rus Park).

We are glad that we could be at least a little useful to girls and really hope for further friendship.