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Compelled picnics of the internally displaced persons in Pushcha-Vodytsia

In mid-March, internally displaced persons from the East, living in the boarding house "Dzherelo" in Pushcha-Vodytsia, began having compelled picnics with real bonfires. Despite the fact that it's cold outside and it's snowing and raining, they gather not to sing songs, but to support each other, boil water for baby porridges, warm up and inspire hope ... It is not funny, but deplorable. And so for four days , the children were hurrying from school, thinking that their mothers would treat them with a delicious borscht, or a tasty stew with bread and tea. After all, we know that hot dishes add strength and health, they warm on cold days. But about 70 children of internally displaced persons, more than ten of whom are under two years old, only dreamed about such a dinner ... They were without electricity for four days!

"Perhaps, this is the first McDonald's restaurant, which heard about children and immediately responded, and offered its help," says curator of the programs of the United World Cultures Foundation Lyudmila Lysenko. - When we brought the packages with gifts, the children were eagerly waiting for the delicious Happy Meals. A joyful laughter was heard near the improvised kitchen with the flames of fire; the girls and boys were always smiling. Senior students who came from school, a little shy, taking gifts, but were already eating their treats on the benches near the boarding house, and everyone shouted "Thank you McDonald's". Thank you McDonald's! You serve as an excellent example of a tolerant, humane attitude toward those who need help and attention, showing its respect towards others. We help create an atmosphere of goodwill around ourselves, which is fundamentally important for creating a healthy society. "

We wish all of us faith in our own strength, wisdom, patience and understanding of what is going on around us. We hope that the worst is behind us. Let the family hearth be warm, and let the love and support of friends always be the star that illuminates the life path.