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We will wipe out blindness: "I Give Care" in Kompaniyvka district

Date: December 11-13, 2018

Today, we often can meet people who already have problems with their eyesight at early age. We get used to the fact that in the markets, underground passages and simply on the streets are selling glasses, the variety and quantity of which are simply impressive. Glasses try on even children, not knowing that these pose a serious danger, neglect visiting a doctor-ophthalmologist.

Quality glasses can’t be cheap, meanwhile, the price of "street" optics - from 50 to 150 UAH. The scale of their sales year after year grow, business is thriving. It is harmful to the health of many people, including children.

Luxoptika Company and Charitable Found "United World Cultures Foundation" continued to expand the territory of kindness, having visited the All-Ukrainian project "I Give Care" to the inhabitants of Kompaniyivka district (Kirovograd region) at the invitation of the Head of the district Vadim Spiktarenko, who is concerned about the health status of the inhabitants district and the absence of ophthalmologists.

Within three days, the qualified metropolitan ophthalmologists, every day conducted a free visual acuity survey, measured the pressure on population, as well as advised and made recipes for the production of free glasses from TM "Luxoptika".

December 11 - 13, 2018 in the premises of the Company's District Council at the address: Kompaniyivka city, Parkova st., 4 (First floor) was screened for preventive purposes for 536 patients in connection with the treatment of certain complaints and prescribed recipes for spectacles for 433 patients from the urban type.

In addition, on December 13, 2018, from 13:00 to 17:30, in the premises of the Mariyvka village council (Kompaniivsky district, Kirovograd region), under the jurisdiction of which was Zelenye village, Ternova Balka village, 64 persons were examined, of which 63 patients were prescribed recipes for spectacles.

A pleasant surprise for the smallest patients was the favorite TUC cookies and "Barny" biscuits from the Kyiv City Charity Fund "Food Bank".

Summing up the results of the All-Ukrainian project "I Give Care" for the residents of the Kompaniyvka district (Kirovograd region), ophthalmologists recommended take preventive examinations for residents starting from 35 years, and in future - at least once a year. And that residents began to actively go for preventive examinations advised the management to conclude agreements with medical institutions. Create a special "window" for low-income residents of Kompaniyvka District, where people will come with a passport. Consultations of doctors, analyzes, medical examinations are taken by the district council.

The way out may be the autonomy of the medical institution, which will allow more rational use of resources - both financial and human. And the first step has already been made.