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Diapers for Comfort and Protection

Date: January 2021

Caring for bedridden sick children is a very delicate, time-consuming and complex process that requires specialized products. Understanding that it is both physically and emotionally exhausting for parents of such special children, and trying to support them, the UWCF’s team of the program “Walking to the Health Land” has specifically selected medical reusable waterproof bed sheets for bedridden children at home.

After talking with the director of the NGO Vira V Dyvo (“Faith in the Miracle”) Yuliia Dytrenko, whose organisation takes care of children with complex developmental disorders, UWCF’s team decided to please parents for the New Year and Christmas holidays, and present them with such necessary reusable waterproof bed sheets. These people could only dream of buying such sheets because of the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the UWCF’s team hopes this help will allow parents save on their time and effort, and provide proper care and comfort for their child.

“Rough blue side of the diaper-sheet ensures reliable adhesion to a bed. The wrinkle free sheet lies tight as if glued, and will not move should the child roll over. This is a very good product. Moreover, the sheet is provided with wing-like straps sewn to it, so that a child could even be repositioned/lifted along with the sheet. I thank to the Charity Fund UWCF and NGO Vira V Dyvo for fulfilling such a long-awaited dream”, thanked a mother from the NGO Vira V Dyvo.

Medical reusable waterproof bed sheets will facilitate the daily care of recumbent kids. They are safe, hypoallergenic and pleasant to the body, hygienic and comfortable for a patient.