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Increased cholesterol – a threat for blood vessels

Date: 2018, June

Blood vessels are responsible for the nutrition of each cell in the human body. Therefore, if they are damaged, all organs suffer.

Every person living in megalopolis is at risk. This must always be remembered.

It is necessary to change the lifestyle, but while people will tuned to the right rhythm, the project "Our Health Is In Our Hands" of the program "Walking To The Health Land" of the United World Cultures Foundation helps to normalize the level of "harmful" cholesterol.

Lowering cholesterol is helped by the medicine - Lovastatin, which the UWCF Charitable Foundation provided for free to Zhytomyr City Children's Social Organization "Doing It Yourself", which works not only with children, but with their families, with a total cost of about 104 thousand UAH. The medicine helps to reduce the level of "bad" and increase the level of "good", protective cholesterol.

The United World Cultures Foundation notes that you should not take any medications without consulting with a doctor!