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Emotional Support for Children and Pediatricians during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Date: November 2020

In these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people see changes in their daily lives – and these changes are so tangible and so fast. Children, even more than grown-ups, find it difficult to cope with these significantly changed routines, which has an adverse impact making them feel that their lives are no longer well-structured, predictable, or safe.

Children who are currently receiving medical treatment, are at the highest risk of emotional disturbances. Apart from children’s physical safety and wellbeing during the pandemic, we as adults need to take care of their emotional and mental health.

On 20 November, the global community celebrates World Children's Day to commemorate the Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopted on that day, as well as International Pediatrician Day – these two dates walk side by side.

On that special occasion, our team members of the project “Health Protection of Mother and Child. State Institute of Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology under the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine” under the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land”, called in on the boys and girls undergoing treatment at State Institute of Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology named after acad. Olena Lukianova that operates under the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, and brought the young patients some nice presents.

Additionally, we also visited Kyiv City Children’s Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital, a municipal non-profit company and the only specialised medical facility in Ukraine’s capital city providing high-quality expert care to children with infectious pathology, and greeted local medical staff on International Pediatrician Day.

Of course, we can’t control the world around us, but what we CAN do in these complicated circumstances is help our children feel safe and protected. And we can show our sincere appreciation and gratitude to pediatricians for all the efforts they make to keep healthy those who are the dearest to our hearts – our children.