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Adolescent vision – timely diagnosis

Date: April, 2019

Children come to our world unique. The task of adults is to help them in their pursuit of growth and self-realization, but also to protect against those threats and dangers that may hinder their harmonious development.

Having been born, children enter the bright world of colors, sounds, smells, movements and tactile impressions. These feelings become the basis of their development. But, unfortunately, the number of children and adolescents with vision problems is growing every year. A child with visual impairment is not able to get acquainted with interesting objects around. The effect of visual impairment on a child’s development depends on the degree of vision loss, the type of disorder, the age at which the deterioration began, and the overall level of development.

Through vision, person receives 90% of information about the world. And for a child who needs to know the world for development, his eyes are an extremely important organ. Basically, functional impairment of the eye organs develops in childhood and adolescence, so it is important to identify pathologies in a timely manner and, if necessary, to undergo medical courses prescribed by a specialist. It is the issue with vision that is solved by the United World Cultures Foundation within the framework of the All-Ukrainian project on diagnosis and prevention of ophthalmologic diseases “Shine of Happy Eyes” and the project “Healthy Vision” of Luxoptika Holding LLC.

A timely consultation of the oculist helped correct the pathologies of the eyes to two pupils of the Korostyshyv special boarding school of the Zhytomyr Regional Council.

In Luxoptika LLC medical center, the examination of adolescents was carried out by a qualified ophthalmologist using modern methods of eye diagnosis. The specialist checked the state of vision and the parameters of the eyes, which should correspond to the age of the child. To diagnose included checking visual acuity, refractometry.

Due to poor eyesight, low self-esteem often develops. Teens begin to isolate themselves from the real world, which they do not see well. At the subconscious level, a protective reaction occurs, these children become more passive.

The guys did not complain that they see poorly, because they do not know the difference between "bad" and "good" eyesight. Schoolchildren get tired quickly at work at close range, tilt their heads close to the text, the “crooked” pose when performing a task, get tired when reading, they do not see the text on the blackboard. Such symptoms alerted the teachers and educators of the Korostyshyv general secondary school, how they sit strongly bent at the table, rub their eyes, look frowningly, in them the forced position of the head.

After the guys chose their frames, the master of the Luxoptica company lab received recipes for making glasses. The laboratory of Luxoptica is equipped with the most modern equipment, which makes it possible to produce prescription glasses in a very short time with the highest possible quality finish. Thanks to the employees of Luxoptica LLC for their fruitful work.

The day of travellers was filled with surprises from UWCF employees, besides sweets, they were waited by tasty surprises and unforgettable impressions of McDonalds.

If you notice a problem with the child’s vision, be sure to consult an ophthalmologist. And if there are problems in this direction, please, do not despair!