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Smart Cat Eye Glasses for Teens

Date: November 2019

The number of children with vision problems increases every year. This trend is global, and Ukraine is no exception to that.

More and more children complain of reduced vision and eye fatigue with visual load. They can keep silent about their bad eyesight for quite a long time due to their unclear understanding of what is going on. Another reason is that they are afraid of being forced to wear glasses.

The most vulnerable period of life is the adolescence. The body is rapidly changing under the effect of hormones, and intensive studies along with increased social activity gradually increase the load on teenagers’ eyes.

Teacher-mentor Andrii Martyniuk paid attention to two of his pupils from Korostyshiv Specialized Comprehensive Residential School in Zhytomyr Region. He noticed that the teenagers did not see well, stooped, and squinted their eyes trying to see an image on the board. Together with the director of the residential school, they appealed to the UWCF’s all-Ukrainian project on diagnosis and prevention of ophthalmic diseases “Shine of Happy Eyes”, and the “Healthy Sight” project by Luxoptica Holding LLC, to check the two boys’ visual acuity and prescribe the appropriate free glasses.

Both teenagers were examined by a qualified ophthalmologist in the medical center of Luxoptica Holding LLC using up-to-date methods of vision diagnostics. The specialist checked the vision and the parameters of the eyes, which should match the child’s age, and wrote a prescription for glasses.

Mykhailo and Kyryl got lost in the variety of frames, but the ophthalmologist and consultants of the company quickly helped with the choice of the right frames matching the boys’ face shapes, focusing on convenience and comfort, not on beauty alone.

After a certain period of time the UWCF representative Liudmyla Lysenko visited the Korostyshiv Specialized Comprehensive Residential School under the Zhytomyr Regional Council to present the boys such coveted glasses. Kyryl was a little confused, and Mykhailo was very excited, as he was chatting non-stop.