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Glasses for the Residents of Mykolaivka Community

Date: 2018, October

We all know that eyesight is one of the most precious gifts of nature, and the ability to see the world around us is reflected in a person’s confidence. Therefore, the All-Ukrainian project “I give care” from Luxoptica company and United World Cultures Foundation constantly cares about the health of eyesight and its restoration. Having expanded the territory of kindness, the project visited the Mykolaivka community of the Donetsk region and conducted a review, writing prescriptions for glasses to 347 patients. The residents were focused on the fact that checking and selection of glasses should be carried out exclusively by an ophthalmologist, as an adequate and correct determination of visual acuity, visual field is possible only if you use special diagnostic equipment and follow the instructions of the doctor on the selection of glasses. It was noted that in no case should you buy glasses on your own in spontaneous markets, because we care about the health of the eyes of our patients.

Glasses are one of the main methods of vision correction.

Specialists of “Luxoptica” company carefully check the origin and quality of all products represented in the optician's salons. All presented optical goods have certificates of origin and sanitary and hygienic conclusions. Every optic has a master optics office, the availability of modern equipment, extensive experience and a high level of professionalism of the masters allow for the work of any complexity.

The work of the master in making glasses suggests accuracy, on the verge of scrupulousness. The master of making glasses cannot afford to make a mistake in his work, the slightest deviation can ruin expensive lenses and frames and nullify the work of several days at once.

Tetyana Nagornaya, a master optician of Luxoptica, shared with us the advantages of glasses made according to an individual recipe: “Having received prescriptions of any complexity (myopia, long-sightedness, astigmatism) from qualified ophthalmologists of the “Walking to the Health Land” program of the UWCF Charitable Foundation, we begin individually for each to choose the type of lenses that will be installed in the frame. With the correct choice of correction, the risk of further deterioration of vision is significantly reduced. Also, besides the aesthetic aspects, we consider the convenience of landing. Of course, the work takes more time, but such “real glasses” will serve people for a long time and become reliable assistants. Half of the recipes have already been done, there is still a bit left and soon the glasses will delight the residents of the Mykolaivka community of the Donetsk region.”

Ludmyla Lysenko, the head of the program “Walking To The Health Land”: “Do not buy ready-made glasses, because the eyesight of each person is individual, If you can’t decide for yourself, contact an ophthalmologist, who will tell you exactly which lenses are optimal in your case.”

The health of your eyes, as well as the quality of vision, depends on how high quality glasses you wear.