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Головна / Walking to the Health Land Program / Shine of Happy Eyes Project

New Glasses Will Help Kirovohrad Region Residents to Read Bedtime Stories to Their Grandchildren

Date: December 2019

Almost all of us come from villages, still have parents or relatives living there, who might need immediate medical care. Not every person can bear the long journey to the city to get access to professional medical services, and in case of sight checks it will take several journeys: first to see the doctor and get the eyeglass prescription and then come again to collect the glasses. With eyesight being one of the basic human senses, eyes require special care.

Team members of the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land” study the situation – whether there is an eye doctor working in a specialized medical facility in a district centre and what the distances are from this facility to local village communities. We provide all collected information to Luxoptica that together with the UWCF team keeps extending our kindness outreach. This time, we brought the all-Ukrainian project “Giving Care” to local residents of Kompaniyivka District, Kirovohrad Region, at the invitation of Mr Vadym Spiktarenko, Head of the District Council, who is concerned by people’s health condition in the district and the absence of eye care professionals.

Within three days, 536 patients were checked. There were some people who did not get any professional care for many years so volunteer doctors brought by UWCF found a number of neglected cases. The most common sight problems included cataract and astigmatism, but the most frequent one was glaucoma – the insidious disease that gradually damages the optic nerve putting the patient on the brink of disability. The disease more commonly affects older people. On the positive side, 433 patients in total received eyeglass prescriptions over the campaign duration.

On 6 December 2019, the first batch of 247 vision aids (eyeglasses) arrived to be given out free of charge to residents of Kompaniyivka District in Kirovohrad Region.

“Honestly speaking, I doubt I would go to the regional centre to have a check-up, let alone to order and buy glasses on my own. So as people say, my kudos to the campaign initiators. I am happy that the frame is so modern and nice – I didn’t expect to get such wonderful glasses”, shares Maria, a resident of Kompaniyivka District.

It is really a pleasure to live next to and work with those who care for people’s lives and health in Kompaniyivka District of Kirovohrad Region.

We would like to address our sincerest thanks to Mr Vadym Spiktarenko, Head of the District Council, and special thanks from the UWCF team also go to the companies Luxoptica, Olymp, Donbasenergo, and Dontem.