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Student of the KSCS brought home an award from South Korea

We congratulate the student of the Kyiv State Choreographic School Tatyana Kulish on receiving the bronze medal at the 10th International Ballet Competition (KIBC 2017) in South Korea and her teacher Marina Dobryakov, choreographer Anastasia Kharchenko and art director of the KSCS Nobuhiro Terada.



Although now is the time of vacations, holidays and rest, but students and teachers of the Kyiv State Choreographic School continue to work and win new victories in international competitions.

On July 2, 2017 in the capital of South Korea, Seoul, the final of the 10th International Ballet Competition (KIBC 2017) was held. This festival united many countries, more than 200 ballet dancers from Korea, China, Japan, Ukraine, Mongolia, Russia, and Vietnam were able to check their abilities on the stage of the Seoul National Opera. The competition was held from June 28 to July 1 in senior and junior categories.

 Student of the Kyiv State Choreographic School Tatiana Kulish deservedly received the bronze medal in the senior category. Also, Tanya is a laureate of the "Grand Prix Kyiv 2017" competition.

Only having a great willpower and an unshakable faith in success mastering the art of ballet is possible. Students from the KSCS once again proved that they have all the necessary qualities and deserve to win! We wish you to continue to conquer the highest peaks.

However, the victory is impossible without a mentor and a person who believes in talent. Huge gratitude to the teacher Marina Dobryakova for hard work, artistic director of the Kyiv State Choreographic School Nobuhiro Terada for creative stimulus and inspiration, and choreographer Anastasia Kharchenko. You are doing a great job everyday!