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Music therapy for pupils of Pugachivka orphanage

Cheerful smiles, interested looks, stormy applause – this exactly describes the concert-acquaintance "Classics for Children", performed by the "Virtuosos of Kiev" orchestra, organized by the Svitlo Concert. The concert was held on March 11, 2017 in the "spiritual center" - the House of Cinema. Wonderful music was accompanied by sand animation, which concerned internal content, transferring the animated magical images of familiar to children heroes.

For almost six years once a season pupils of the Pugachivka orphanage (for girls who are ill with oligophrenia at the stage of imbecility, Down syndrome, for children deprived of parental care, orphans), that is in the Korosten district of the Zhytomyr region, visit Kyiv to discover a wonderful world, which, of course, will make their life better and fuller.

This time the UWCF within the framework of its "Our health is in our hands" project of the "Walking into the Healthland" program and the volunteers of detdom.info decided to attract little princesses to classical music (music therapy). Live music, compared to electronic, affects the ear of the child much more. It is interesting for children to see the source of music. In addition, sound vibrations, coming from musical instruments, operate unequivocally more intensively. Each song was picked up by the organizers of Svitlo Concert in an easy form and accompanied by interesting stories that kept our girls interested, and favorite melodies from cartoons performed by the Virtuosos of Kyiv became kind of a treatment for a good mood.

"The music education of the child is an integral part of the upbringing process. Music influences the development of the emotional sphere of the child. Our staff of the orphanage dedicates more time to listening to music in the Montessori center. To relieve tension or calm down we turn on Vivaldi's melody, Chopin's Nocturne in G Minor, Debussy's Moonlight. To relieve anxiety and unconfidence we turn on major tunes, but not too fast (below average tempo). Best suited are mazurkas and Chopin's preludes, Strauss waltzes. Pupils even extract individual instruments from a song ", - shares about musical process of treatment and upbringing the director of the orphanage Lesya Petrenko.

"Everyone knows about the enormous influence of music on the emotional state of a person. There is even a medical direction - music therapy, the purposeful use of music in the treatment of various diseases. Of course, there is a special place for classical music in music therapy. Music restores energy balance, creates harmony in the body, is a link to our health. Our pupil Zhanna always makes us happy, because when we met her, we saw that the girl did not react to anything. But time has passed and we have positive results. At the concert Zhanna was applauding all the time, smiling and looking at her teachers ," - summed up the head of the "Our health is in our hands" project of the "Walking into the Healthland" program of the "United World Cultures Foundation" Lyudmila Lysenko.

The children had a wonderful time, but the program was not finished, as in the McDonald's there were balloons and delicious Happy-Meals with toys inside prepared for girls. During the lunch break, joyful laughter was everywhere, girls were always smiling and laughing . Together with the kids, positive and accompanying tutors and nannies of the orphanage were also filled with joy. Thank you McDonald's for the smiles you've put on our princesses' faces! Your team is a friendly family! We wish you inspiration, success and new achievements!

Amazing sunshine, blue sky and the refinement of the St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery did not leave our guests indifferent. After all, St. Michael's Golden-domed Cathedral is the spiritual center of Kyiv and Ukraine. Being on the territory of the monastery, we visited the St. Michael's Cthedral and made a general photo in the St Barbara's side-chapel. The Archpriest offered the sweets to our girls, wished them health and God's help on the road. Pupils prayed, and full of joy together with adults went home.

Happy eyes and joyful laughter of our pupils are better than any words of gratitude!