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Medical Clothes Helping Kids to Overcome Fears

Date: January 2020

Medical clothing is an essential attribute for healthcare professionals. This is more than just compliance with applicable regulations but also an element that inspires trust in patients.

It’s a rare child who truly enjoys visiting the doctor. Most frequently, children feel a terrible fear of doctors wearing white coats. Long terrifying needles for injections might be the most dreadful child memory. Children are typically afraid of the doctors’ appearance rather than of the medical procedures as such. In an attempt to make hospital visits easier for children, our program “Walking to the Health Land” has launched the campaign “Be in Trend: Medical Uniform” that aims to help kids overcome the “fear of a white coat” and break down the invisible barrier between a child and a doctor.

Our team members from the campaign “Be in Trend: Medical Uniform” have visited Okhmatdyt National Children’s Specialized Hospital and handed over medical clothes for the hospital’s staff.

We would like to wish all medical professionals success, patience and strength in their hard work, as well as good health and many years of life. May your lives be lit up with happy smiles and gratitude in the eyes of your little patients who have survived thanks to your medical skills!