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Mother’s Lilac Alley

Date: 13.05.2018

Today, the second Sunday of May - the Mother's Day. On this occasion, the United World Cultures Foundation, within the framework of the project “Health Protection of Mother and Child. Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology under the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine” charity program «Walking to the Healh Land» came to give emotional support to mothers from all over Ukraine.

An unforgettable and touching action began in the courtyard of the children's department . Festive mood created the musical greetings of the folk ensemble "Pervotsvit" of the Kyiv children's art school № 2 named M. Verikivskyi under the direction of Julia Gershtun.

The participants of the holiday planted seedlings of lilac with positive and joyful impressions, it’s - Mother’s Lilac Alley. Which will be a favorite of moms and children. And every spring flowers will prepare bright "salutes" in honor of mothers!

There were a lot of surprises for the kids, which is being treated, it is - packages with bananas, apples and oranges. Boys and girls of the folk ensemble "Pervotsvit" of the Kyiv children's art school № 2 named. M. Verikivsky received books and a delicious cake.

We thank for the marvelous lilacs to the beautiful mom Oksana Kolyada, who puts all the forces on the increase of the wealth of the surrounding nature.

We also thank the parents and the head Yulia Gershtun for the education of children, because after all activities children folklore ensemble "Pervotsvit" decided to help staff of the the Fund to greet children who were unable to join the celebration in the park.

"Such events are very much needed by our mothers who are in the process of treating their children in hospitals", says one of the moms after the holiday.

Dear Mothers, we wish you unlimited happiness and satisfaction from the success of your children! Health, warmth, well-being! Let your endless cares, patience, love and devotion be heard in the hearts of the children!