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Medical Uniform for Liuboml Hospital

Date: February 13, 2020

As Anton Chekhov once said, “The medical profession is heroic. It requires a pure soul and pure intentions. One must be clear mentally, purely moral and neat physically.”

The medical staff of the Municipal Non-profit Enterprise “Liuboml Territorial Medical Association of the Liuboml District Council” received the best Valentine’s Day gift – medical clothing – from the campaign “Be in Trend: Medical Uniform” of the UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land”.

A doctor is a person who knows how to show empathy, motherly affection and fatherly care. Patients follow doctors’ prescriptions, adhere to the treatment plans and recuperate – this is the main thing in the work.

“On this day we should congratulate all representatives of the responsible and hard profession, and remember those who once cared for you in a hospital during your illness, and possibly saved your life. Traditionally on this day, it is customary to give flowers, nice Valentine’s Day cards to doctors, and the UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land” expressed gratitude to the medical staff and gave them comfortable specialized clothing. Let all the kindness, care and warmth that you generously share with those who need protection, attention, sympathy and help come back to you a hundredfold”, - summarized Liudmyla Lysenko, the program manager.

Medical clothing is a mandatory attribute for representatives of medical professions; it performs its special functions, and contributes to the formation of a special attitude and patient’s confidence in the doctor.

“It is much more convenient to perform various medical manipulations, wearing the medical suits you handed over, and moreover, they fully protect the clothes, impeccably comfortable, providing an excellent appearance throughout the working day. We sincerely thank for your support, for your sincere and sensitive hearts”, - expressed his gratitude Volodymyr Dybel, the director of the MNE “Liuboml Territorial Medical Association of the Liuboml District Council”.