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Providing medications to patients with diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is an expensive disease that puts high demands on patients who want to live and feel normal. Although it is free for diabetics to get insulin, syringes and hypoglycemic medications (and in some countries - glucometers), diabetics should buy a lot of things themselves. The medicines that prevent diabetes complications, and most importantly - the products, are very expensive.

"Due to inadequate funding and the patient registry, the compensation of the cost of medicines in Ukraine has fallen in 2012 for hypertensive patients, and in 2014 for diabetics. This year they want to bring reimbursation (full or partial reimbursement of the cost of drugs) to Ukraine... But not all medicines will be available for free. Drugstores will give out medicines only under the prescription of the doctor on a special form. Experts note that funding can be difficult due to the fact that Ukraine has no patient registry and it is not known exactly how much to allocate for reimbursement. The final project to compensate the cost of drugs in the Ministry of Health seems to have been developed and is now looking for funds. Therefore, the "United World Cultures Foundation" launched a project to provide modern medicaments for the treatment of serious illnesses, " concluded Lyudmila Lysenko, head of the "Walking into the Healthland" program of the UWCF.

People who need help in acquiring certain medications often address to the "Our health in our hands" project of the "Walking into the Healthland" program of the "United World Cultures Foundation”. So, the other day the employees of the public organization "Podil district association of disabled people "Ednist" came to us, and asked to provide them with free hypoglycemic preparations, because they are forced to make teas for diabetics in order to somehow find an alternative to medical treatment until they are given the necessary medicines.

"Our public organization "Podil district association of disabled people "Ednist" currently unites 382 disabled people (56 of whom are disabled children) of all groups and nosologies. We teamed up to survive, to bring that depth of life to people with disabilities who are living below the poverty line for beggarly pensions, unable to purchase the necessary medicines, food. We want to forget about illnesses at least for a while, but this is beyond our ability. As never before, now many of us get sick even more often... We are grateful to your "Our health is in our hands" project and Arterium Corporation for sympathy, charitable help and believe, a generous hand does not become scanty. "Give and it will be given to you," comments Ekaterina Yurieva, Chairman of the "Ednist" Podil district association of disabled people.