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A Chain of Concerned Benefactors

Date: September 23, 2019

On 23 September 2019, Charity Fund UWCF under the program “Walking to the Health Land”, made a charitable delivery to the municipal non-profit enterprise “Sloviansk Central Regional Hospital” (Mykolaivka city of Sloviansk District, Donetsk Region), namely: an acrylic bathtub by German manufacturer, furniture (8 cabinets, 3 file cabinets) and 11 bags of medical uniforms with approximate value of UAH 42,000.

This delivery has been titled ‘A Chain of Concerned Benefactors’ because it became possible only thanks to work of many concerned people. Common actions and joint efforts can provide a good result.

UWCF representatives express sincere gratitude to Eduard Bondarenko, the CEO of Donbasenergo PJSC, and Volodymyr Huzenko for their assistance in organizing the transportation of the goods and providing the Mykolaivka physicians with opportunity to receive such a necessary aid.

It has been more than once that UWCF team has proved that not only medications can cure, but also the atmosphere itself. The doctors of the Sloviansk CRH say that this is also a medication-free treatment of some kind.

“The charity event ’Not only meds can cure’ is aimed at helping our patients and staff feel more comfortable in our medical institution. We are pleased to receive medical uniforms for our personnel, an acrylic bathtub and furniture handed over by Charity Fund UWCF. Many thanks to all who have participated in this event. I hope that our further cooperation with UWCF will contribute to even more comfort for our patients and staff. Our institution had hard times four years ago… overflowed with patients and wounded. Surgeries continued day and night; sometimes they had to be performed in the hospital basement, and there was no proper equipment either… However, gradually things got better, thanks in no small part to UWCF. Thank you so much, everybody”, - commented Oleksandr Bielanov, the head physician of the Sloviansk Central Regional Hospital.

This is not the first or the last event under the UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land”, as our team is planning to deliver silicone breast prostheses, lower extremities orthoses, and knee orthoses in the nearest future. These are the expert class devices, and produced by the world’s leading manufacturers.

Human health is one of the core values, and helping to preserve it is one of the main objectives of the society and Charity Fund UWCF.

We thank all who are working side by side with us and literally make the impossible possible!