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UWCF Hands Over Medicines to Fight Depression, Fatigue and Stress to Obukhiv District

Date: May 2020

As part of the campaign “Let’s Unite against the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV (COVID-19) and Walk to the Health Land” under the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land”, our team and Obukhiv City and District Organization of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society have joined efforts to help people cope with stress. For this purpose, United World Cultures Foundation has handed over sedative medicines Sedavit enriched with vitamins В6 and РР, donated by Arterium for the total amount of UAH 48,960.00, to Obukhiv District. This medicine helps with headaches caused by mental stress, migraine, (mild) insomnia, continuous mental tension (manager's syndrome), exhaustion, etc.


Now, at the times of the global COVID pandemic, stress impacts on our daily lives become even more dangerous. If you can’t maintain the psychological stability on your own and your nervous system fails, it may be useful to take some medicines that can be provided free of charge by Obukhiv Central District Hospital – this facility has also received a donated Sedavit batch from UWCF.