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Computer technics for a young specialist

The Charitable Foundation "United World Cultures" has presented computer equipment to the talented young guy Sergey from Kramatorsk, who independently mastered 3D modeling and visualization. With the help of a new computer, Sergei will be able to do his favorite job in full, thereby earning for living and treatment.

3D modeling ... Until recently, this concept was very far and unknown for the  UWCF’s employees. But for Sergei Nekrasov from the city of Kramatorsk in Donetsk region 3D modeling and computer visualization from the hobby have become a way to earn money for his own treatment.

Sergei's health problems began at the age of thirteen after receiving a back injury. The disease disturbed the guy at an early stage, but it allowed her to get an education. Sergei graduated from high school, became a qualified electrician repair and maintenance technician, graduated from the Kramatorsk Technological College, and in 2015 received an educational and qualification level of a specialist in the Donbass Machine-Building Academy. In parallel with training he practiced, helping my mother, with whom they remained together, playing the guitar and liked to ride a bicycle. He started working as an electrician in the Slavic machine-building factory.

The busy schedule and work of the electrician affected and affected the deterioration of health. Once Sergei could not get out of bed. Then there were long searches for the reasons for this situation and the establishment of the diagnosis. Kharkov doctors found the cause, started treatment and put the guy on his feet. The disability of group II was
assigned. In order to maintain a normal condition, Sergei needs to constantly take medication treatment.

Since then, Sergei can not work in his specialization, he had to quit. However, to sit around is not in Sergei's rules and treatment requires considerable funds. So the young man began to master computer technologies and earn his living and treatment.

"The learning of modeling has began since August last year. He studied by himself using videos and articles in the Internet. I always liked to draw something, I worked in the Compass 3D program. Even in the technical school I made drawings to myself and friends. And after the injury the decision came by itself will be engaged in modeling or something similar, because the health did not allow to work physically, "- says Sergei.

Having mastered computer programs and the specifics of architectural modeling, visualization of objects, the young man began to fulfill orders, there were customers. However, the old computer did not give the technical ability to apply all the skills and abilities.

The charitable foundation UWCF decided to help with solving this problem. Thanks to philanthropist Alexander Bondarenko, who on an ongoing basis helps the foundation implement charitable initiatives, Sergey received computer equipment that meets the technical needs of specialized computer programs. We are gratefull to  Mr. Alexander for the help provided and the opportunity for Sergei to do his favorite work in full.