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Hearing impaired and replacement of audiphones

Date: April 2021



Natali, age 37, and she is hearing-impaired. It means that her hearing is damaged: one ear is deaf, the other is on the last stage before deafness. Such loss of hearing normally causes people to be deaf-mute. And here comes United World Cultures Foundation / UWCF along with the project «HEAR THE WORLD» for children and adults of Walking to the Health Land program, and passes them audiphones as a gift.



The mother of our patient Natalya tells us about her trouble – the device bought two years ago started malfunctioning. The problem was in the board: «You know, I was saving money to buy it for a very long time as the device is quite expensive. I’d rather it worked as long as possible. Then problem appeared, the audiphone broke down. I and daughter burst into tears… and then we got a tip to address the project «HEAR THE WORLD» for children and adults of Walking to the Health Land program of UWCF. We gave them a call and found that we can come and get a modern hearing aid in three days. I raised my daughter myself and for the moment she needs my help to bring up her daughter. It’s difficult both in moral and financial terms. And when we found that we are getting an audiphone we felt as if we could fly. Dear staff and founders of United World Cultures Foundation and «Workshop of good hearing» Center, we are deeply grateful to you for your work, for your aid and care for the people».