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Herpes is the Most Common Virus on the Planet

Herpes viruses - it is the most common virus on the planet.

The symptoms of this disease are not difficult to detect on the face and body: they appear in the form of rashes on the lips. Most of us treat them as harmless pimples, but this is not the case. Herpes is a dangerous virus and can cause serious harm to our health.

More than 200 herpes viruses are known, but nine types of herpes are the most common. Both adults and children can easily become infected with these viruses.

For the herpes infection treatment, the project “Our Health Is In Our Hands” of the United World Cultures Foundation” donated GERPEVIR® (international pharmaceutical corporation Arterium) for the central hospital in Ruzhin (Zhytomyr region).

Treatment of infection must begin at the first suspicion of the disease, recovery depends on it, the running infection takes on a chronic or recurrent form, the likelihood of complications increases. Treatment of children’s herpes in is aimed at minimizing the symptoms, suppressing the activity of the virus. Immunostimulatory drugs contribute to the body's fight against the virus and do not allow the virus to infect new areas of the mucous and internal organs.

With a sufficiently frequent recurrence of the disease, you need to contact an immunologist who will give a qualified consultation, which can significantly improve the immunity of a weakened child. Among other things, the treatment of herpes in children should be monitored by a doctor, since only a specialist can calculate the correct dosage that is safe for child.

Parents need to know that the herpes simplex virus in children may sooner or later turn into a serious problem. This is not an ulcer, which can help self-treatment, so be sure to consult your doctor and go through a full examination.

The UWCF charity foundation reminds you that in order to avoid a disease, it is necessary to and teach your child to exercise regularly.