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Health is the thread that connects generations

Looking at the starry sky we think about the immensity of the universe, its eternity, and realize that we are like grains of sand in the ocean, and our life is a moment, so it is important to protect your health, make this moment worthy, memorable and useful for others.

Talking to the director of Bershad regional center of social service ( Bershad town, Vinnytsia region), managers of the project "Steps to the country of Health" of the Charitable Foundation "United World Cultures Foundation" learned that the budget of the institution had been cut thrice, so they are happy to get any kind of help.

Center’s staff said, that due to lack of funding, they had to ask everyone for help.

In the district territorial center, which has been managed by Ivan Zabiyaka for 18 years, there are only 3,077 identified and examined people who require different types of social assistance. The most helpless people,who need constant care, are in the hospital.

"You have shown initiative, giving us an abundance of medical supplies. I think we need to bow before all those people who organized this project, who took part in it. To the indifference! "- says Ivan Zabiyaka, a director of the center.

The project "Steps to the country of Health" of the Charitable Foundation "United World Cultures Foundation" thanks the corporation "Arterium" for responsiveness, and promises that such projects for orphanages will be continuously held, because our older generation is us in the future .


The "Steps to the country of Health" project of the Foundation "United World Cultures Foundation" encourages youth not to forget the people who have inexhaustible experience, wisdom and knowledge. Older people are experienced, wise and kind. Today they are just grandparents for us, but when we sit next to them, talk to them, and we can read books of their lives. And that is a history of every family, of our nation.