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The road will be mastered by the going

Дата: 15.07.2017

Once a month, employees of the United World Cultures Foundation and volunteers from detdom.info visit pupils of the Pugachivka orphanage. Another trip was held on July 15. In this article, you can read a story about small achievements of girls and methods to promote the development of a child with intellectual disabilities.




Once a month, employees of the United World Cultures Foundation and volunteers from detdom.info visit pupils of the Pugachivka orphanage. Each trip is aimed at the development and upbringing of the children, communication with them, the introduction of cognitive (intellectual) processes through which pupils learn the world around them (perception, memory, thinking, speech, etc.).

"If we let the development of a mentally retarded child into a whirlwind, as it was in Soviet times, then we lose the skills of communicating with people, the skills of objective action. If the child does not have enough contact with his peers and with adults, does not play games with children or participate in any activity, this will negatively affect social adaptation, development of thinking, memory, self-awareness, imagination, speech, will and etc. In the conditions of the correct approach to the organization of upbringing and education, it is possible to correct disruptions in the development of cognitive processes and speech. Therefore, we invite people with a good heart to visit our pupils, after all, communicating with the guests, the girls expand their horizons, there is social adaptation," commented the director of the boarding house Lesya Petrenko.

The day passes very richly. Volunteers, together with pupils, look through children's books, analyze drawings, identify objects, their location, shape, color and so on. Also, children develop elementary manual skills, using a pencil; the guests teach them to make different things from paper, plasticine, natural materials. It is important that the child enjoys the work done, and is happy with the results of his work. At the same time, the proportion between the child's assistance and the degree of his independence is dosed: they always leave feasible tasks for them for independent fulfillment. Every volunteer keeps the child's work as a souvenir.

A child with a disability of mental development is characterized by a slow pace in the formation of cognitive emotions.

"In an unobtrusive form, taking into account the possibilities of children, we explain the rules and norms of the story-role game and necessarily receive feedback from the child (clarifying how she perceives them and understands them). The game provides the formation of a child's self-esteem. I always pay all my attention to all children, but once I noticed a girl Ilonka, who didn’t pay attention to anything. I remember sitting down next to her five years ago and holding her hands, so we've been sitting like that for almost three years since I came. Then there were huge changes, when I was visiting the group, I immediately saw Ilona's gaze, after a while my princess took me by the hand ... Yes, there is a result: Ilonka has grown up, and is very happy with every meeting. But, most importantly, we are already repeating the sounds of "ba-ba-ba", "ma-ma-ma". She's making contact by herself and almost does not take offense when other girls draw my attention", - the volunteer from detdom.info Kateryna Ovdienko shares with us.

"Remember that the future of pupils depends on how much they are socialized, adapted in society. The UWCF do everything possible to make girls used to being among people and not focusing on themselves, being able and loving to communicate. Soon the girls will receive another gift. Employees of the UWCF and volunteers from detdom.info prepared an interesting, informative excursion to the city of Kyiv on July 22, 2017", - sums up Lyudmila Lysenko, representative of the United World Cultures Foundation.

"Girls constantly learn new emotions like surprise, curiosity, interest. The tactile contact is of particular importance. We can not hold everyone, hug, caress, because there are not enough of us, and there are 85 girls. We therefore appeal to all readers: join our trips, the hugs work wonders," Zolotukhina Oksana, curator of detdom.info, invites to join the trips.

Remember that the road will be mastered by the going, but don’t expect to see the results right away. We invite everyone to help the princesses of the Pugachivka orphanage in their difficult work - social adaptation. Our children deserve it!