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Helping Severodonetsk Regional Children's TB Sanatorium

Date: 2018, June

Employees of the Severodonetsk Regional Children's Tuberculosis Sanatorium turned to the UWCF Charitable Foundation with ask to help small patients.

Severodonetsk Children's TB Sanatorium since November 2014 was the only specialized children's institution of the Luhansk region of a tuberculosis profile in the territory under the control of the Ukrainian authorities. Since January 2015 the sanatorium has been approved as the basic institution for the treatment of children from 2 to 10 years old, patients on an active form of tuberculosis of respiratory organs.

The sanatorium operates around the clock, year-round and has 50 beds. There are children from low-income and incomplete families, children who remained without parental care. The staff of the sanatorium do a lot of efforts to ensure children’s recovery, but for the full functioning of the sanatorium need medicine, especially vitamin complexes, and food products.

Sometimes, the period of children staying in a sanatorium may be almost one year, so we want to make this time productive and accelerate the pace of recovery of small patients. Considering this, the United World Cultures Foundation transferred to Severodonetsk sanatorium 5 boxes of the Vitamin Mix of rice (Manna Pack) total amount: 6 304, 90 UAH and a Vitamin Complex for Increasing the Immunity of Children for a total amount: 12 723, 69 UAH:

- "Antral’", a medicine from the group of hepatoprotectors for the prevention of liver diseases due to the effects of toxins, which promotes normalization of sleep and appetite;

- Polivitamin complex "Pikovit" (tablets and syrup), which is used as a prophylactic agent, as well as in the COMPLEX therapy for the Improvement of well-being in various diseases, for accelerated recovery.

We are sure that special Vitamins for Quick Recovery are love, attention and care!