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UWCF Continues to Support Vulnerable Families during the Lockdown

Date: June 2020

There is no doubt that the lockdown has taken a heavy toll on everybody and the heaviest one – on those families that are already at risk. For some families, homebound isolation means they have to reduce all their costs as much as they can.

With this in mind, the campaign “Let’s Unite against the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV (COVID-19) and Walk to the Health Land” under the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land” has started providing intensive support to this kind of families. Our beneficiary families have received several packages of food, hygienic products and medicines, all adjusted for their individual needs. This aid should be enough for one month.

The campaign’s volunteer Oksana Markevych regularly monitors and visits families that have found themselves in difficult circumstances during the lockdown, in urban-type settlement Klavdiievo-Tarasove in Borodianka District of Kyiv Region. Our UWCF team are grateful to all people who manage to show care and social awareness in these hard times, for the information they provide to Oksana on such families. Just recently, a family with a new-born baby has become the campaign’s beneficiary. As a result of our joint efforts, the young family has received a pack of essential supplies needed for their new-born, including a pram, clothes, and children’s toiletries from Eucerin cosmetic line for proper and delicate care.

We have also had some phone calls from local residents raising concerns about the lockdown-caused depression and we have helped those families with the sedative medicines SEDAVIT donated by Arterium. It should be noted that there have also been some of the town’s medical specialists among those who reached out for help. For children, we have handed over AtopiControl Acute Care creams from Eucerin and BRONCHOVID syrup for effective treatment of seasonal cold-related respiratory diseases accompanied by cough and throat irritation from international company Indian Herbs, SHIV-MEDFARM.