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UWCF helped the KRCH Orthopedic and Trauma Centre

Date: March 2020

Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital (KRCH) is the largest state institution for providing highly qualified medical care in Ukraine. Today the hospital counts with up to 800 inpatient beds, 18 medical departments with 21 doctor specialties.

The KRCH Orthopedic and Trauma Centre specializes in the treatment of fractures of limbs and pelvic bones by osteosynthesis, minimally invasive hip and knee arthroplasty, arthroscopic diagnosis and treatment of large joint injuries. Children get injuries all the time, so these doctors have not a second of free time.

The Tarasenko family – public figures and volunteers – appealed to Charity Fund UWCF with a request to provide medical clothing for the doctors of the KRCH Orthopedic and Trauma Centre.

“Many surgical procedures are performed in the Centre, doctors wear suits several times. Minimum four suits are required per one operation. After being used in operating room, surgical gowns undergo heat treatment process, and upon several times of heat treatment, such suits are not fit for purpose”, summarized Olesia Tarasenko.

The campaign “Be in Trend: Medical Uniform” of the UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land” has a wide range of women’s and men’s surgical gowns in green and blue, Sport clothing collection and lab coats.

“We select stylish and comfortable medical clothes for each department of the hospital. Clothing in green and blue has a calming effect on surgeons, helps them to concentrate better. To relieve eye strain and preserve colour vision, doctors prefer blue or green rather than a contrasting red colour”, ”, commented Liudmyla Lysenko, manager of the campaign “Be in Trend: Medical Uniform” of the UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land”.

In addition to medical clothing, UWCF’s team handed over rigid dorsal corset (Germany) to the Orthopedic and Trauma Centre. The product is recommended for rehabilitation after major spinal surgery, when patient needs complete fixation of the damaged area.

“Until recently, our doctors could offer a patient only one option: complete immobility in a supine position, which is difficult for a person accustomed to an active life. Using this corset, such patients will finally have an alternative: having immobilized the damaged area with a corset, they can move, walk around the house and even carefully take short walks outside. Thank you for your help to our Centre and children”, commented Yevhen Dreval, orthopedic traumatologist.