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We help parents to survive colic of babies

Date: May-June 2019

Children's colic is unpleasant problem that bother many newborns during the first months of life.

Every fifth baby suffers from colic. It is believed that they are swallowing too much air during feeding.

If the baby's colic is frequent, intense, then the solution to this problem is medicine, but they should be chosen by the doctor individually for each child.

The employees of the "Our health is in our hands" project advise the dietary supplement of Baby-Dock Lactase, drops for children (LLC "Zaidex UA"). The medicine is given to children in diluted form, adding to a little bit of milk. Take a drop for a newborn can be done before each meal, until the intensity of the onset of spasms is not reduced.

Boys and girls from Konstantynivka district (Katerynivka, Pleshchivyka and Kleban-Byk villages) have been lucky - their parents received for free the Baby-Dock Lactase dietary supplement from UWCF.

"Colic – this is our problem from the very beginning, from the first week. The baby is suffering. Thanks for the dietary supplement of Baby-Dock Lactase. For us, this additive is very relevant today", - shared the young mother Liliya.

An intestinal colic of child is a common occurrence, and often it lasts up to three to four months. Therefore, you should not panic and experience, you just have to go to the pediatrician and get a competent advice.

And let your children be healthy!