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Good starts with you!

Date: June 2019

June 8, the detdom.info volunteer team and the Charitable Fund "United World Cultures" met with dear friends again - children from the Pugachiv Psychoneurological Orphanage, which is located in Berezneve village, Korosten district of Zhytomyr region, for children with oligophrenia and Down Disease. But behind these definitions hide the little people who want a happy childhood, attention, caresses and gifts. This trip was significantly different from the previous one.

What does a child need? A special child, which, unfortunately, is brought up in an orphanage? Of course, care, warmth and support! Having visited the pupils in order to give a real holiday to children, people united in their desire to help them! Therefore, thanks to such a well-coordinated team, we were able to take to children the necessary hygiene products, sets for creativity, clothes and toys. From the "Let’s Improve Children’s Lives" program the United World Cultures Foundation - juices and "Barni" biscuits with the taste of nuts and chocolate provided by the Kyiv City Charity Fund "Food Bank". Detdom.info volunteers raised almost 1000 UAH and Oksana Zolotukhina (curator of the group) bought all necessary products.

The team of young people helped the children of the orphanage make an unforgettable picnic.

I would especially lwant to say thank you to all those who did not get lazy on this hot Sunday and went to visit children who were not left alone and joined this wonderful charitable action!

Thanks to volunteers Yan Solnechnyi and Kateryna Ovdiyenko for an incredible photos and the sea of positive impressions.