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Children's Zone at the "Grand Prix Kyiv 2018" in style of "Alice in Wonderland"

Date: 21.03.2018

Alice in Wonderland - a warm, unusual and amazing story about the journey of little girls and boys who went headlong into the fantastic and mysterious world of dance, in a real fairy tale of IV Grand Prix Kyiv International Ballet Festival 2018..

This amazing history of knowing the world of beauty began on March 21, 2018 at 18:15 in the National Opera of Ukraine. At the entrance children were met by White Rabbit, he gave children tasks aimed at fixing the orientation in time, prepared immersion in fun games and endless adventures.

The haughty Queen greeted: "Hello guys, congratulations to magical princesses! Today you have to go behind the White Rabbit for long fairytale way. And in order for the White Rabbit to allow you to enter the viewing of the GRAND PRIX KYIV gala concert, you must complete the assignment." - Showing simple movements (jumping, stirring ears, showing where the tail is), the children coped with the task deftly and received gifts prepared by the United World Cultures Foundation".

Well! The way to the White Rabbit is free! But to go through it is not easy, the children are met by the Mad Hatter and leads to the photozone and the zone with aqua-grime! Children like the transformation, they are enthusiastically viewing and drawing on the faces of friends, looking in the mirror in the hall. Aquagrim gave joy and cheerful mood to the kids!

Thanks to the event company Oscar art group and its leader Inna Gorbacheva for creating an atmosphere full of miracles - a high throne, in which children became small and everything around suddenly decreased, as if by magic, red roses that grew above the throne, were in the growth of children. And for the floral decoration of the stage of the National Opera United World Cultures Foundation gratitude to the company "Flower Avenue - Flower delivery in Kyiv" and its head - Svetlana Romanchenko.

Gifts from the UWCF on this day were received by two sunny guests from the "Charity Fund "With warmth in the heart" and from the Day Care Center and the training of the profession for disabled youth "Gorstochka Dobroty ", because March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day. The more sunny children communicate with ordinary peers, the better the mental and physical development of such children.

A special delight for children arose at the moment when their peers appeared - two girls, who are already studying at the choreographic school. With bated breath, the children observe how they perform small exercises. Inspired by the art of ballet, the children came out of the auditorium, trying to repeat fouete and batman.

"It's never going to reach the most beautiful one," said the Queen, the Mad Hatter sighed, and the brawler White Rabbit said, "Perhaps, it's possible not to reach the most beautiful, but it's necessary to try!"

If your child dream about dance, parents, do not rush to "break it", because at that age dreams are cherished. Give the child to try, and then he will already understand whether he likes it or not, has a talent or is just a great desire. In any case, the dances do not bring harm, but rather make the children healthier, more disciplined and more confident.

Thanks to photographer Jan, who saved the happiest moments of children in the wonderland - "Grand Prix Kyiv 2018".