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Children's area at the Grand Prix Kyiv 2017

In order to popularize classical dance and provide psychological support to children in a difficult life situation, the UWCF Charitable Foundation annually invites children with special needs, children of ATO participants and immigrants to the gala concerts of the International Youth Competition-Festival of Classical Dance "Grand Prix Kyiv" to the National Opera of Ukraine. This is the social mission of the festival. The year 2017 was no exception, and pupils of the Kyiv special boarding school №18, children from the Rehabilitation Center "Rodyna" and young guests from the East of Ukraine came to the festival on invitation.

The foundation encourages parents to take their children to the theater. It is great when children watching the ballet dancers’ performances recognize individual movements that inspire them; in addition, they see the style, the image. They hear classical music. This is all a “spiritual filling” of the child.

All guests could enjoy interesting ballet performances, and everyone was entertained before the concert and during the intermission. In the hall of the National Opera of Ukraine, the UWCF Charitable Foundation has established areas for children and adults.

As soon as guests entered the children's area, where everything was imbued with inspiration, the atmosphere of creativity was felt. The children's area included master classes in drawing and an aqua grimm zone. The faces and hands of the youngest admirers of the ballet were painted with a special glowing paint, and no one was left unnoticed. Thanks to the volunteers of the Foundation Anna and Ekaterina the children together with their parents received knowledge and skills in drawing and got acquainted with the techniques and materials that are used in art. After the efforts of the kids, bright ballerinas appeared on the whatmans. They looked like they were going to come to life and come out on stage together with the contestants.

"Most girls who want to practice choreography are usually fascinated by ballet, the heroines of musical tales and their perfomances. They think, that choreography lessons are a great opportunity to wear a beautiful dress and pointe shoes and turn into a little fairy or princess. Therefore, it is desirable, that before parents decide to give their daughter to the world of classical ballet, they need to explain her that in order to dance as beautifully as a ballerina does in a cartoon or in a fairy tale, one must study thoroughly and for a long time under the guidance of a teacher. It is also very important to attend ballet performances and train your children to fine art, " said Ilona Knyshuk, the head of the Grand Prix program of the United World Cultures Foundation.

Also in the children's area the kids have learned about tolerance and respect for special children. Girls and boys have learned what kind of families other children have, why princesses can save princes, and how a green brush lives if its parents have other colors.

Children were surprised to know how diverse the creative activity is, and, of course, received a lot of positive emotions. Undoubtedly, the master classes reveal the creative potential of children, develop fine motor skills and expand the child's ideas about the world of art.

We express our gratitude to Art Workshop Artos and personally to Tatyana Rylina for help in arranging the drawing area, as well as to our volunteers Anna and Ekaterina, who taught and entertained the children.

The photozone, decorated with Japanese-Ukrainian colors, was unbelievably popular among children and adults. The national flags of the two countries attached solemnity to the event, and the girls in national costumes personified the diversity of cultures.

Thanks to all present photographers who transmitted all the emotions of the guests of the contest-festival through the camera lens and shot a variety of locations.