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Children for Children

Date: February 18, 2017

On February 18, 2017 leaders of the student government of educational institutions of Solomenskiy district of Kyiv, led by teachers, gathered in the Children and Youth Creativity Center of Solomenskiy district to join the volunteers of detdom.info and Charitable Foundation "United World Cultures Foundation" in Pugachiv orphanage (for girls suffering from mental retardation, Down's syndrome, for children deprived of parental care, orphans).

This meeting was preceded by training, where young people could reflect on human values and to learn about the features of communication with orphans and children with disabilities. Within a few weeks the children have been preparing gifts themselves, bringing things from home, putting money into special boxes to purchase educational books, albums, etc. When all necessary things were collected, a visit to the children of Pugachiv orphanage, which is located in Korosten district, Zhytomyr region, was immediately planned.

Curator of the detdom.info trip Oksana Zolotukhina emphasized the importance of social protection and attention to orphans and children deprived of parental care, but also noted that she was particularly pleased by the fact that the initiative of visit was shown by children themselves.

"When we were on our way, our thoughts were very far from idealizing this place. After all, what can we expect from the place where lonely and disabled children live? However, the mood has somewhat dissipated when we listened to the trial lecture by experienced senior volunteers, and pessimism has totally disappeared when we met the director of the orphanage Lesia Petrenko, and the deputy director Maya Pivovar. Then we met with friendly medical staff. The orphanage has large and comfortable rooms: pretty carpets, toy house and playgrounds like in the fairy tale. And the girls gave us a really warm welcome! We had a feeling, that we've known them for years... But at the same we kept thinking: no matter how favorable conditions have been created for these girls, they live without family, and there is no substitute for it ... " - shares a student government leader Lina Pokrip.

Children happily greeted the guests. During the meeting with the volunteers, eyes of little princesses were full of joy, and we hope that the light and faith won't leave them under any circumstances.

The "United World Cultures Foudation", in turn, thanked the students for their help in organizing the trip and gave them sweet gifts.

"A trip like this allows you to feel positive emotions doing good deeds, and to unite with each other. Visiting students of the boarding house is aimed to instill humanistic values in the youth, the capacity for compassion, and responsible attitude to everyone, regardless of their social status or physical appearance. The youth should develop harmoniously and comprehensively, and primarily it concerns their moral character ", - says the curator of the charitable program "Let's make children's lives better" of the "UWCF" Ludmila Lysenko.

Mercy - is one of the best qualities of a person. Not everyone can help their neighbor, take the pain of others as their own. We express our gratitude to the staff of Troieshchyna clothing market for autumn coat for girls, and the Interpumps company (http://www.interpumps.com.ua) for four high-quality pumping devices (drainage and sewage Faggiolati pumps).

Time passed quickly, we had to leave ... Students assured that from now on they will always come here to visit their friends, do something nice for them. That is why, children did not say goodbye, they said - see you soon!