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Our Proactive Approach to Save Children’s Lives

Date: April 2020

Children’s health means the quality of their lives and their meaningful future. There is nothing worse than seeing your child suffering from a disease. Of all things, nothing appears to be worth more than children’s health.

The program “Walking to the Health Land” of United World Cultures Foundation has joined the charitable movement Giving Tuesday and launched our own charitable campaign “Children of War and Lockdown” aiming to provide target help to internally displaced people (families raising the so-called “war children”), this time by donating medicines.

Relying on the experience of other countries, we have adopted the proactive approach – prevention is the best way to protect children from the infection! The new COVID-19 disease rates result in increasingly high occupancy of intensive care units and hospitals in those countries that experience the epidemic peaks.

The global company Indian Herbs, SHIV-MEDFARM, has joined our fight against viruses and donated ayurvedic medicines to the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land”: PROIMMUNOVID herbal preparation and PROIMMUNOVID syrup for strengthening the immune system, BRONCHOVID syrup for effective treatment of seasonal cold-related respiratory diseases accompanied by cough and throat irritation, BRONCHOVID CTC herbal tea with honey and lemon flavours, BRONCHOVID herbal lozenges with mint flavour.

With every time, our coverage extends and we help more and more children. On the one hand, this is a good sign — it means we are able to do these things, raise money and implement high-quality charitable projects. However, this also demonstrates the financial difficulties faced by Ukrainian families and the insufficient governmental funding of the public health sector.

In this situation of the ongoing pandemic, we have no right to slow our pace and we do our best to save children’s lives.