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Gypsy evening: visiting Yesenia

Date: 03/17/2019

Our life is endless road with turns and pits, and it rushes, like a gypsy tent, forward, counting down minutes, weeks, years.

A bus with teenagers and young people from the Pugachiv Psycho-Neurological Boarding School rushes through the streets of Kyiv to the first party for young people in Gypsy style.

The hall of the panoramic restaurant “Standart”, which is located in a picturesque place in the Darnytsa district, on the shore of the Sunny Lake, is decorated in the gypsy style. Gypsy melodies sound, volunteer girls in Gypsy costumes, guys in hats with red ribbons meet and immediately “guess” guests. Teachers from the orphanage dressed up girls in colorful shawls, each beauty picked up the color scheme of the scarf under their style.

The hostess of the party, the gypsy baroness Yesenia - Yaroslava Tokar, the Chairman of the Board of the ICF “Wings”\”Kryla”, waited for the guests with impatience. Yesenia presented a real fun holiday to teenagers and young people from Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions who are so limited in communication. They felt part of a big world, where, of course, there is a place for them! Such parties have been held by Yaroslava for several years, this time a party in the gypsy style was chosen.

On this festive March day, young people plunged into the world of miracles, magic and felt all the delights of a special day. The atmosphere of the holiday in a noisy Gypsy camp with all the rituals, customs - all captured and fascinated guests of the event. The special baroness and the barons had a very interesting evening. Everyone was sincerely greeted, generously treated, given a good mood and unforgettable impressions.

The culmination of the holiday is a huge cake. The moment is especially exciting and solemn, magical and memorable - the muffled light, candles and a cake, children's applause.

Children really need a holiday, because a powerful rehabilitation begins at such events. During the Gypsy party, girls from the Pugachiv Psycho-Neurological Boarding School had the opportunity to communicate with the youth.

Children are the most important thing in our life. We are ready to give everything to be happy and healthy. Unfortunately, now there are many children who have health problems, and they need our attention. And the task of adults is to show these children that, despite some problems, they are equal members of society.

The United World Cultures Foundation presented at the party sixty food sets for sixty families present.

The atmosphere created by the unique Gypsy Baroness Yaroslava Tokar and his assistants was amazing.