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Shining of the happy eyes

Date: 08.12.2017

Good eyesight plays an important role in child’s development. However, unfortunately, eyes problems sometimes happen in young age.

Within the framework of the All-Ukrainian project of the diagnosis and prevention of ophthalmic diseases, "Glitter of Happy Eyes" of the United World Cultures Foundation and the project "Healthy Vision" LLC "Luxoptika Holding" checked the eyesight of the large Markov family from Kiev region.

Markova Svetlana Volodymyrivna, mother of 5 talented children, appealed to the UWCF Charity Fund with a request to check eyesight her young artist-daughter Nastya. The girl's eyesight has recently started to deteriorate, and Anastasia is studying at the State Art T. Shevchenko High School. We all know that it is very important for artists to perceive light, color and the external structure of the world.

Eyesight should be treated immediately after complications have become apparent. The UWCF decided to help this family, and turned to the ophthalmologists of the company "Luxoptika" for help. Diagnosis of the eye condition often helps to identify problems and prevent further progress of various diseases.


The "Luxoptika" company actively develops an optometrist network with specialized children's rooms. Attaches great importance to the qualifications and professionalism of doctors. Children's ophthalmologists comprehensively assessed the state of eyesigh of the little artist and her sister, appointed effective treatment and eyesigh correction for Nastya.

Together with the artist, they picked up glasses that will not only solve the problem of vision correction, but also give her pleasure, because glasses are still a wonderful accessory. Also, doctors have overcome with Nastya a psychological barrier associated with the fear of rejecting her new image by peers.

Svitlana Volodymyrivna, mother of girls, also checked their eyesight and handed glasses for free. Bright, comfortable, practical and just cute glasses they will wear with joy.

All-Ukrainian project for diagnosis and prevention of ophthalmic diseases "Glitter of happy eyes" of the Charitable Foundation "United World Cultures" recalls that glasses for sight for both children and adults should be bought only after an objective full examination. Child's eyesight changes quickly enough, therefore it is extremely important to have regular supervision by an ophthalmologist. Early diagnosis and timely correction of visual impairment in children always give good results.

The charity fund UWCF and the company "Luxoptika" gave the large family Markov a happy look.