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Don’t panic! The Battle for Life Goes On, Amazons!

Date: November 2019

In Ukraine, 46 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. A part of these women will most likely undergo mastectomy. This surgery, even when it is well timed and successfully completed, has a deep impact on women’s social and sexual lives.

The UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land” has started a new campaign “Battle for Life Goes On, Amazons!”, aiming to provide free silicone breast prostheses by German producer Amoena to those women who fight for their lives every day.

Our UWCF team has donated a sectoral breast prosthesis produced by Amoena to a resident of Netishyn, Khmelnytskyi Region. Sectoral breast prostheses are manufactured in different shapes to help re-create the breast external appearance after a breast-conserving surgery or a partial breast removal.

If a woman has the disease detected timely and seeks medical help at the early stage, she still has a chance to preserve her breasts and will not face a complete breast removal. With the tumour growth, these chances drop down significantly.

However, even where there is no other way and the breast needs to be removed, don’t press the panic button: after a complete gland removal, it is possible to reconstruct the breast shape and volume by using women’s own tissues, implants, in reconstructive surgery, or exoprostheses.

A well-suited exoprosthesis fully compensates for any external drawbacks, thus giving women the confidence they need and perfectly hiding the cosmetic defect. When combined with a correctly chosen bra or swimming suit, the exoprosthesis is absolutely invisible under the clothes, and can be worn in a number of activities such as swimming, sports, dancing, and even sun-bathing.