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Let’s take care of children – tender buds of our future

Date: March 2020

We put aside our daily routine and find every opportunity to visit boys and girls in a residential school. Children’s smiles make everything else smile, even birds seem to sing more joyfully, and it is so good and important to know that children are healthy, cheerful and happy with their guests – volunteers of detdom.info and Charity Fund UWCF. On Saturday, March 7, there was another visit to Korostyshiv Specialized Comprehensive Residential School under the Zhytomyr Regional Council.

Children ran out to meet the volunteers, hugged them and looked them in the eyes. The most striking about these children is their eyes. And it is painfully difficult to realize that most of them, despite their very young age, have gone through inhuman suffering… Among them there are children with impairment of psychological development and a diagnosis of mild to moderate mental retardation, children who know nothing of parental care and maternal affection, children who have been bullied; almost all inmates of the residential school come from dysfunctional families… Nevertheless, all of them overcome difficulties, regain their feet, try to get an education and find their place in life. The pedagogical staff of the residential school also bears a heavy burden and gives them proper education.

The visit began with a tour around the school for new volunteers, showing them classrooms and living rooms of the pupils. Since the school has a focus on the psychoneurological care, the guests were offered to see the craft therapy rooms for girls and boys, a separate hospital building with a physiotherapy room, and more.

Teachers really became second parents for their pupils. As they spoke about the school inmates, we realized that children were taught how to live in the world consciously, with honor and dignity.

We carefully prepare for every such trip trying to bring along some new master classes and treats. We give presents, medicines, stationery and humanitarian aid in the form of clothes and shoes.

Upon arrival, the guests divided into several groups: the first group, named “Merry Bakery”, was joyfully cooking and baking an apricot pie, turning the master class into a whole show. Grown-up bakers allowed the kids to have some fun and made cool pictures of the kids with kitchen utensils: a rolling pin, a strainer and a large wooden spoon.

Older boys and girls cooked potatoes with meat in a cauldron in nature, under the supervision of volunteers and their crafts teacher.

Mykhailo with his sister Tetiana gladly showed photos of Chicago, the third largest city in the United States, where they were on a recreational trip and lived in foreign families.

Volunteer Dasha taught older girls the rules of personal hygiene; at the end of the master class, all girls received useful gifts.

In a creative atmosphere, a volunteer from detdom.info shared a master class with younger pupils on the ability to make flyers. In the pre-holiday mood, the children received not only practical skills, but also showed creative individuality in the making of own leaflets.

UWCF volunteer Anita who is a student of the medical faculty of Kharkiv National University named after V.N. Karazin held a training for older pupils, during which she taught the girls about the basics of prevention of hypertension and gave a master class on the correct measurement of blood pressure. After the briefing, pupils practiced taking each other’s blood pressure for half an hour, until the boarding school staff came in to check on the future ‘doctors’.

Thank you to everyone who participate in the lives of children and provide help necessary to make such a trip possible!

We plan to continue making these visits, because these children need to know they are needed and not alone, and need to feel that they have not been forgotten about.

So, let’s take care of children – tender buds of our future!