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To See the World in Bright Colors

Date: November 28-30, 2018

Human eyes are one of the most perfect and at the same time simple optical devices.

“Luxoptika” company and the United World Cultures Foundation became a source of happiness for Mykolayivka community (Donetsk region), having implemented the All-Ukrainian project “I Give Care” for poor people who now have glasses of joy and positive, through them they will see the world.

Optometrists of the program “Walking to the Health Land” of the UWCF, at the end of the summer for three days conducted a free examination of visual acuity, measured eye pressure to low-income residents of Mykolayivka United Territorial Community, and made recipes of “Luxoptica" free glasses.

Many residents asked the doctors why their eyesight had suddenly deteriorated? There are many causes of bad vision: both physical and psychological. Experts found out that one of the reasons for the sudden loss of vision is stress. The military conflict, which began in April 2014 in Donbas, left traces on the health of residents. The people of the community went through shelling, blockade, the constant presence of armed people and military equipment on the streets. The constant companion of their lives in 2014-15 was stress, we know that the more stress, the more problems with vision.

Any specialist will tell you that daily stress that can provoke the formation of many complications and irreversible consequences. It is dangerous due to the fact that internal destructive work takes place during a strong emotional shock. Every internal organ is endangered, and the eyes as well. Stress is very dangerous for eyes, it can provoke a sharp fall.

Such strong emotional experiences in 2014-2015, fear became the answer to the question: Why does the sight deteriorate?

Already on November 28, 2018, from 15.00 to 17.00, in the ambulance room of Ray-Oleksandrivka village and on November 29-30, in the building of the Mykolayivka Children's Medical Ambulatory, volunteers and staff of the “Walking to the Health Land” program of the UWCF made another step of expanding the territory of the kindness of the All-Ukrainian project “I Give Care”, which increased the amount of happiness, first in the hearts of the residents who came to receive free glasses, then in the family and the circle of loved ones, then at work, in society!

312 optical devices (glasses) for visual acuity were received by to the residents of Myikolayivka United Territorial Community (Slovyans’k district, Donetsk region).

“I had to constantly strain my eyes, and this caused a headache or pain in the eyes. Glasses were harmful because they were chosen wrongly, I used to save money on expensive ones, and bought cheap ones. Now I have a prescription from ophthalmologists and glasses from “Luxoptica”. Immediately, trying on glasses, I felt better. Thanks to the All-Ukrainian project “I Give Care” for the saved health,”, - Lyubov Olexandrivna, a resident of Mykolayivka, shares her impressions.

People are more in need of glasses while reading, this is because with age their vision continues to weaken.

“I often used my wife’s reading glasses and now have consequences, my eyesight has deteriorated. And all because he did not consult with an ophthalmologist and did not get reading glasses. I did not believe it when your volunteer personally called me and invited me to get points for free. So glad, my emotions are overwhelming, that now I will have my own glasses,”, - says Dmitry, a resident of Ray-Oleksandrivka village, (Slovyans’k district, Donetsk region).

It is worth from time to time to consult a doctor and properly follow all the recommendations. By following the tips, you will be able to maintain your vision, which means health and life.


It is very pleasant to live and work with people who support the life and health of the residents of the Mykolayivka City United Territorial Community. In our difficult time, when more and more people need care and material assistance, it becomes difficult to find people who are able to perceive other people's problems as their own, and how wonderful it is that such people still exist.

We express our sincere gratitude to Olena Tsykunova, Head of Mykolayivka City United Territorial Community, to Tatiana Holostova, Head of the Center for Primary Medical and Sanitary Aid, Dmytro Zinkovsky, Secretary of the Mykolyivka City Council.

Special thanks the United World Cultures Foundation expresses to Luxoptica, Olimp, Donbassenergo and Dontem companies.

As long as such people live and work, our nation will live.