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Drawing contest "The art of children's dreams."
Theme: "My winter holidays"

Works of participants of the drawing contest "The art of children's dreams" on theme "My winter holidays," which was held by the Charitable Foundation "United world cultures foundation" from December 1st 2016 to January 14th 2017.

According to the results of the survey among Facebook users, eleven-year-old Eugenia Kovaleva has become a winner of the contest with her work "Christmas Eve on the Black Mount in Kyiv", having gained 188 votes. Second place was taken by Elizveta Rudyk (10 years) with the work "Holidays unite", and Yaroslava Skuẓ (9 years) took third place.

Congratulations to the winners!

Anna Khlebnikova, 12 years old, Kyiv, Tatiana Korol’s Painting studio

Pavlo Semeniuk, 10 years old, "Winter" Bila Tserkva, oil

Pavlo Semeniuk, 10 years old, "Forest at night" Bila Tserkva, oil

Yuriy Obukhov, 11 years old, "Cosmic Winter" Bila Tserkva, oil / canvas

Elizaveta Rudyka, 10 years old, "Holidays unite", Kyiv, gouache

Maria Makarova, 8 years old

Maria Rudaya, 3 years old, Kyiv

Miroslava Hlushanytsya, 7 years old, "Blizzard", Kyiv

Neonila Majorenko, 15 years old, "Waiting for Christmas", Kyiv, canvas / oil

Yaroslava Skuz, 9 years old, Brovary

Iryna Tykhonovs’ka, 9 years old, "Winter forest"

Tetyana Tykhonovs’ka, 7 years old, " New Year Fairy "

Maxim Zaitsev, 7 years old, "City", Kyiv

Valeriy Vertel’, 10 years old, Kyiv

Anna Shvets, 10 years old, "Fluffy present", Bila Tserkva, canvas / oil

Kateryna Ivanchenko, 9 years old, "Winter's Tale", Bila Tserkva, canvas / oil

Svitlana Litus, 12 years old, Bila Tserkva, canvas / oil

Eugenia Kovalyova, 11 years old, "Christmas Eve on the Black Mount in Kyiv", Kyiv, glass / gouache

Lesina Margarita, 15 years old, "Christmas Day in Kyiv Lukyanovka", paper / watercolor

Anastasia Horobyns’ka, 5 years old, Bila Tserkva

Klementina Presnyakova, 7 years old, Kyiv

Angelina Presnyakova, 7 years old, Kyiv

Ivan Bosakovs’kiy, 13 years old, "Winter Wanderer"

Vladislava Yanovska,13 years, "Winter Mosaic", paper / watercolor

Alisa Hankevych, 11 years old, Kyiv

Yaroslav Tur, 9 years old, Kleban-Byk (Donetsk region)

Alina Bondarchuk, 13 years old, Katerynivka (Donetsk region)

Irina Shevchenko, 13 years old, Chuguev(Kharkiv region)

Viktoria Tkachenko, 14 years old, " Christmas Day in Kyiv Lukyanovka ", Kyiv, gouache