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Allergy is a "plague" of the modern world

What is an allergy? What are its symptoms? How should we fight it? And how does the "United World Cultures Foundation" in cooperation with the leading international pharmaceutical corporation Arterium, with the help of the International Charitable Organization "Volunteer Association "Wings", Obukhiv regional organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine and the International Charity Foundation "Rehabilitation Center  “Hospital of Maidan" help the people to treat this disease?

You can find the answers to all these questions by reading the article.




You cannot know when allergy can occur, it is difficult to live with it and it is quite a frequent problem in modern society. Many of us have had an allergic reaction. According to statistics, to date, every 5th person has a permanent allergy to something. According to forecasts, by 2020 every second person will suffer from this disease.

The most known one is pollen allergy, which appears in spring and summer when the flowers bloom. There is also an allergy to food, fungal spores, dust, mold and much more.

Unfortunately, allergies can not be cured. The scientists still do not know the nature of this disease. If your immune system overreacts to any of the allergens, then you will have to get along with this problem and make some adjustments in your life.

An allergist can diagnose what caused the allergy, but can not change genetics and exclude a gene that causes allergy symptoms in the body.

But, fortunately, today there are many drugs that ease the condition. Thanks to close cooperation with the leading international pharmaceutical corporation "Arterium", the employees of the  "Our health is in our hands" project of the "Walking to the Healthland" program of the "United World Cultures Foundation" ensured the transfer of antiallergic agents for children -the "Lorizan" syrup - worth 23 020 UAH to medical institutions in Kyiv, Donetsk, Lviv and Kirovograd regions.

"At a time when access to medicines has become one of the main problems of citizens, it is very important to provide timely assistance to people from the social risk group. We are grateful to the UWCF for a much-needed seasonal drug," said Galina Baukova, chairperson of the Obukhiv Regional Organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine.

Charitable organization "International Charitable Foundation" Rehabilitation Center "Hospital of Maidan" also received the antiallergic agents  from the UWCF for distribution among medical institutions of Donbass. Vyacheslav Zakharov, the head of the ICF "Rehabilitation Center "Hospital of Maidan", said: "These drugs are necessary for the treatment of allergies in children. This is a significant step in ensuring the availability of drugs for every resident of Donbass. We thank the UWCF  for much-needed timely assistance."

In addition, through the International Charitable Organization "Volunteer Association "Wings" the UWCF provided the transfer of medicines to medical institutions in Lugansk and Lviv regions.

Remember, only a doctor can prescribe medicines for allergies to children.

If your child is allergic, several basic rules should be followed:

• it is better to go for a walk in the evening, especially after the rain, when the air is cleared;

• when you get back home, be sure to take a shower, wash your eyes and nose more often;

• take antiallergic medicines before going outside, keep them constantly with you;

• do not undress at the same room where you are going to sleep, because there can be pollen on clothes.

Observing these simple rules, we can avoid the situation, when instead of enjoying new impressions, we struggle with a cold, a rash and tears in our eyes.

It should be borne in mind that during the period of exacerbation of allergies it is good to take a vacation to the beach or sea. The sea air has significantly fewer pathogens of this disease.

It is necessary to raise the defenses of the body, to identify and treat foci of chronic infection in a timely manner. Proper nutrition, daily regime and hardening are also factors in the prevention of allergies.

We wish health and a quiet life without allergies to all of you!