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UWCF Campaign “Joy Is the Best Medicine” in Khmelnychchyna

On 5 September, on the International Day of Charity, United World Cultures Foundation visited the town of Volochysk, Khmelnytskyi Oblast, where we held the campaign event “Joy Is the Best Medicine” under the program “Let’s Improve Children’s Lives” for kids with serious diseases and special needs.

For local boys and girls being under the care of Social Services Centre Municipal Institution of the Volochysk City Council and NGO Volochysk Town Society of the Disabled of the Volochysk District Society of the All-Ukrainian Organisation of the Disabled “Union of Organizations of People with Disabilities of Ukraine”, United World Cultures Foundation organized a celebration of the good and joy. The event’s little guests were excited to see performances of circus artists and active to participate in games, entertainments, and arts master classes.

All children received personal gifts from the charity foundation UWCF such as drawing sets, books, and other school supplies. In addition, UWCF handed over a TV-set, bedding sets and learning games to the Social Services Centre, and a massage pillow, an inhaler, learning games and books for children to the Volochysk Town Society of the Disabled.

United World Cultures Foundation would like to express gratitude for help in organizing the children’s event to:

  • artist Taras Andriychuk who held the master class in fine arts for little guests;
  • face painting artist Liubov Belkot who added brightness to the event by painting children’s hands with fabulous patterns;
  • Koala Club’s team who amused guests with their circus and entertainment program.

Our special thanks go to Vlada Melnykova, a 19-year-old incredibly talented girl, who, despite her severe disease of panhypopituitarism, has a strong spirit and inspires other ill children. Vlada impressed everyone at the event by her performance where she was singing and at the same time painting a picture.

The event was also supported by the Administrative Service Centre for Physically and Mentally Handicapped Children.