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UWCF Gives Children and Adults 33 High-Quality Hearing Devices

Date: December 2020

Hearing loss is a widespread problem, which is found not only in Ukraine. As estimated by the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people have deafness and various hearing impairments today, and by 2050 this figure is projected to increase up to 900 million. According to doctors, 60% of hearing loss can be prevented through timely detection and diagnosis.

Hearing impairments are always a serious problem for both adults and children. It may hurt to realize that this disability builds up an unseen wall between you and the entire world, leaving you isolated. However, this does not mean that your life path from now on is only loneliness and isolation. The program “Walking to the Health Land” of United World Cultures Foundation has stepped up for the needs of those who suffer from hearing disabilities and launched a new project called “HEAR THE WORLD” to help hearing-impaired children and adults enjoy a full-quality life through joint action of doctors, audiologists, children and their parents.

Within this kick-off year of the project, we plan to bring together the community, establish relationships and streamline communications with partners and experts in other Ukrainian cities and villages, and we have already implemented a pilot project in Kyiv.

Today, the project’s team has already welcomed onboard experts from NGO Ukrainian Association of Cochlear Implant Users (coordinator Nataliia Mokrii) and partners – Kyiv City Organization of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (Tetiana Hoienko) and Maisternia Harnoho Slukhu Centre (“Good Hearing Workshop”) (audiologists Nataliia Koniushniak and Oleksii Kozych). Through these partnerships, the project “HEAR THE WORLD” for children and adults has become more dynamic and systemic, and what’s more important, it has already brought some practical results – we have donated 33 high-quality hearing devices to hearing-impaired people of different ages. Binaural hearing aids have helped 17 patients in Kyiv to fully compensate for hearing loss and comfortably perceive sounds. Total cost of those aids is more than UAH 190,000. The donations are authentic prosthetic devices made by German, Danish and American manufacturers.

Our project “HEAR THE WORLD” for children and adults targets at even more profound and systemic work with international organisations. By combining our efforts and working together as a team, we can open up much more possibilities and get more knowledge, than working alone. Join us and together we will help children and adults to HEAR THE WORLD!