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12 October - World Day of Eyesight

Date: 12.10.2017

Dear readers, when was the last time when you checked your eyesight? The all-Ukrainian project "I give care", implemented within the framework of the "Walking to the Healthland" program of the United World Cultures Foundation, is doing everything to bring the message to people about the careful attitude to health. Regularly visit an ophthalmologist, take care of your eyes and visit the doctor on time!

Unfortunately, we very often turn to medical help or rehabilitation too late. A lot of eye diseases begin and then proceed asymptomatically, so a person goes to a specialist only when the vision has deteriorated significantly and begins to cause discomfort. Irresponsibility is threatening - at least you will have to go through the long-term treatment, and you will have to wear glasses. As a maximum, the glasses will "settle" on your nose forever, and, perhaps, an expensive surgery will be required.

Today the head of the "Walking to the Healthland" program of the United World Cultures Foundation, Lyudmila Lysenko, checked her vision in the network of the "Luxoptica" company (Stepan Bandera Avenue, 23, Gorodok shopping center) and now encourages everyone to conduct preventive examinations at least twice a year.

"At the doctor's appointment, an ophthalmologist Anna asked about my condition, asked if there were any complaints about vision. She checked if myopia or hyperopia is present. To do this, she used special tables that help to determine not only the presence of a problem, but also to find out how much my vision has deteriorated; she examined the surface of the eyes, then examined the fundus. I appeal to everyone who reads the article, check your eyesight so that the bright light continues to shine, instead of plunging into darkness. Care for the health of the eyes must be constant!", - Lyudmila shares her impressions.

Preventive examinations should be conducted twice a year to pass at least a minimum of diagnostic procedures that monitor the condition of the fundus, intraocular pressure, and of course, visual acuity.

Loss of sight in the young generation is very often provoked by playing computer games or continuous long work behind the monitor without interruptions and mandatory exercises for the eyes. Some people have a busy office schedule to find time for a visit to a doctor...

People who have a genetic predisposition to the development of eye diseases and also suffer from obesity, diabetes or hypertension, should not forget about the visits to the ophthalmologist at all.

The events dedicated to the Day of vision of the "Shine of Happy Eyes" project, which is implemented within the framework of the "Walking to the Healthland" program of the United World Cultures Foundation, usually include numerous educational events, free preventive examinations for the people, and consultations of ophthalmologists.

Our doctors-volunteers have prepared for you a few simple recommendations that will help to maintain good vision.

1. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Sounds easy, but sometimes it's so hard to stick to a balanced diet. Include in your diet products containing vitamins A, C, E and riboflavin.

2. Monitor the time spent at the computer. It is not recommended to stare at the computer screen more than 4 hours without interruption. Do pauses every 30 minutes, especially if you are constantly working on a computer.

3. Wear only properly selected sunglasses.

4. Find out if other diseases affect the condition of your eyes. For example, high blood pressure and diabetes are risk factors for eye diseases.

5. Visit an ophthalmologist annually for prophylactic examinations.

Write down and be sure to share these recommendations with your loved ones!